Articles and blog posts

by Sarah

In June 2023, I joined the Innovate UK KTN (the UK government innovation agency) on a Global Expert Mission to investigate the opportunities to leverage Swiss innovation in AI in the construction sector for the UK market.

The UK delegation spent a week visiting academic institutions, government agencies, and business representatives, learning about the Swiss AI landscape and how the technology is being adopted within construction and the built environment. As the Technical Writer, I produced the report that was published as the output of the trip, consolidating all activities and findings.

I have produced over 1500 pieces of written work, including hundreds of articles and blog posts on behalf of tech companies. Below is a selection of examples. 

Bitstamp Learn Center

Bitstamp is the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange. The Learn Center is a compendium of information for learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, to which I am a regular contributor.

Nuant Blog

Nuant is a toolkit for institutional digital asset portfolio management and quantitative analytics. The blog provides detailed insights into the state of the digital asset markets. I contributed via an agency client.

Aura Blockchain Consortium Blog

Aura is a consortium of luxury brands, including LVMH, Prada, and Mercedes-Benz, among others, with the goal of developing blockchain solutions for the industry. I wrote a series of articles for the blog aimed at helping luxury firms understand how blockchain can be used in their business.

World Lottery Association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is an international member-based association of state-controlled lottery, licensed sports betting operators, and suppliers to the global gaming industry. I contributed an article to the blog, which provides insights and information to member organizations.

Encointer Blog

Encointer enables communities everywhere to generate their own, autonomous currency and use it to stimulate the local economy.

Ajuna Network Blog

Ajuna Network is a blockchain gaming platform enabling game developers to add digital assets to their games built using established tools like Unity and Unreal.