Newsletters, ebooks, & other examples

by Sarah

On this page, you can find examples of different types of written content I’ve developed for clients, including reports, newsletters, press releases, and web pages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me to discuss your requirements. 

In June 2023, I joined the Innovate UK KTN (the UK government innovation agency) on a Global Expert Mission to investigate the opportunities to leverage Swiss innovation in AI in the construction sector for the UK market.

The UK delegation spent a week visiting academic institutions, government agencies, and business representatives, learning about the Swiss AI landscape and how the technology is being adopted within construction and the built environment. As the Technical Writer, I produced the report that was published as the output of the trip, consolidating all activities and findings.


Newsletters are an excellent way to grow an email list, build authority in your field, and maintain audience engagement. Below are a couple of examples of newsletters I’ve developed for clients.

Brands in Web3-Web3 in Brands

A bi-weekly newsletter focusing on branding and marketing in the Web3 and blockchain sector, written on behalf of German Ramirez, a Swiss-based keynote speaker and branding consultant.

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Currently Relevant

A bi-weekly newsletter focusing on developments in the blockchain and Web3 sector, written for a Swiss-based branding consultancy.

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Press releases

Busy publishers get inundated with press releases on a daily basis. Creating one that makes your news pop can make all the difference. Here are some examples of press releases I’ve written.

Regtech startup launches compliance portal for UK bank

A release announcing that a regulatory technology company has partnered with a UK national bank to provide a compliance portal.

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Luxury blockchain consortium rolls out cloud SaaS solution

A release announcing that Aura Blockchain Consortium, a consortium of global luxury brands, is rolling out a cloud-based SaaS blockchain solution aimed at other luxury brands.

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Blockchain wallet onboards institutional custodians

A release announcing that MetaMask, a leading blockchain wallet developed by ConsenSys, has onboarded a group of institutional custodians for its professional services offering.

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Ebooks can be used as lead magnets to attract signups to your email list. They can also be a great way to repackage old content, or simply to demonstrate the depth of your expertise in a given field.

Kickstart a blockchain project in your business

An ebook for enterprises seeking to implement blockchain technology in their business for any given use case. I provided the written content.

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Website copy

Your website is the front door of your business online. Does it make your targets want to walk through it? I can help you develop compelling website copy that complements and enhances your brand’s core attributes.

Disaster management technology

A webpage for a company providing emergency communication solutions for disaster management situations.

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